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Sun Feb 14 15:35:29 CET 2010

I've been mulling over for a while that fact that I have plenty of questions 
and few answers.  I wonder if what is required is a userbase page with a title 
something like 'Plasma First Look' (Category:Getting Started), dealing with 
such topics as which things are configured from context menus and which things 
need systemsettings?  Simple things need mentioning such as the fact that 
hovering over icons in systemsettings gives you an overview of what that 
section covers - surely one of the really big improvements in usability.  

Einar does a good job of keeping the main Plasma page up to date, and there 
are good animated gifs in the Plasma how-to page.  Perhaps someone could put a 
note on the discussion page when particular things need to be added to any of 
the Plasma pages?

It's exceedingly difficult to get non-emotional feedback about the things that 
genuine newcomers find hard to locate, other than gleaning snippets from MLs, 
and of course the more familiar we are with the interface, the less we notice 
such things.

I hope these suggestions spark off similar thinking.  If you, as a group, can 
feed back your ideas I'd be very happy to work with you on the userbase pages.

(I'm not subscribed, so please CC me.)

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