Update The Feature Plan! NOW!

Andreas Marschke xxtjaxx at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 13 18:21:46 CET 2010

On Tuesday 01 December 2009 19:59:24 Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> Am Dienstag 01 Dezember 2009 18:33:42 schrieb Sebastian Kügler:
> > On Tuesday 01 December 2009 18:13:49 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > is there any possibility of improving the situation rather than
> > > flogging a dead horse?
> >
> > Probably. It doesn't help me get a complete list of features *right now*.
> >
> > I'm all for an improved system that makes it easier to keep track of
> >  features. We have the same problem with the changelog, btw. Changes
> > aren't recorded, or are recorded late.
> I added the changelog for kwin for 4.3.1 and .2 and I must say it was hard
> work. It takes about half an hour to one hour for something small like
>  kwin. Scripty and commits like "backporting rev 1234" makes it really
>  difficult. For .4 I just was not aware that there is the release (I think
>  there was no warning mail) and so I did not fill it in :-(
> I really think providing a backlog is very important and that's why I don't
> mind spending one hour a month on filling in the dates. But life could be
> easier :-) As Aaron said there could be a post commit hook which fills in
>  the changelog. We directly have the svn rev and the bug number. What it
>  needs is a human readable message, instead of "backport rev" ;-)
> What if we add a new Keyword CHANGELOG which is used to fill in the text?
> Perhaps even make it mandatory if we commit to the branch? And this could
>  be used for feature plan as well. When using FEATURE on trunk and
>  CHANGELOG it is automatically filled in to the XML file.
How about something like the debian devs made they basically add a note to the 
changelog like :
* corrected text file (closes #11111) 
This works for themas well.

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