Idea: Window management for 4.5

Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé - Developer devel at
Mon Feb 1 01:00:01 CET 2010

> > associated with an app) and would, as Marco noted, mean that if i want to
> > see "that notification" i'd no longer have a well define place for that
> > to happen.
What do you do with notifications like "new message", "xyz requested kwallet", 
"abc finished"? Either they are annoying and you want to close them or you 
want to see what the program has done or stop it or something like that. If a 
global notification-manager-item is needed (I think so), it would possible to 
stack notifications there, when they do not fit. That is not too complicate 
geometry. The alternative is to hide the notifications. For example they could 
be marked as active and there would be a special icon in the per-task 
notification-bucket and when there is space it could appear automatically (or 

About merging systray- and window-menu: I think that is not a good idea, 
because we have enough space to plase two easily accessible menus, the menus 
do not fit together (application/window controlling) and there would be too 
long menus.


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