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Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Apr 15 17:06:40 CEST 2010

On Thursday 15 April 2010, Shantanu Tushar Jha wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 7:43 PM, Christophe Olinger
> <olingerc at> wrote:
> > Hey Shaan
> > 
> > I was randomly brainstorming with myself and I had this idea:
> > Currently we have this cool browser which can show us multiple items as
> > grid or list. I wanted to give the user the possibility to focus on one
> > item only (not the fullscreen player).
> > 
> > Imagine when looking at pictures you browse through your files. Clicking
> > on one image would foucs the browser on that item and an information
> > panel would show up that gives us information about tags, comments and
> > ratings a bit like this:
> >
> > etails.png.
> Looks like a fine idea, but instead of clicking, we should use the
> action which the user has set the default selection action (e.g.
> hovering the mouse to select in Dolphin). I hope you don't get
> irritated as I always keep reiterating this fact, but consistency is
> really one of the ideas on which KDE is designed.

This is a good idea and as Shantanu wrote, it must be consistent with the kde 
handling of single/double click:
the interaction should be:
clicking/enter on the currently focused element: play
another key, like "i" or whatever would be remepped to be available on the 
remote: show this kind of information.
to go with the mouse, use the "corner actions" concept introduced in Dolphing 
and Plasma Iconwidgets: little icons at the corners that appear on mouse over 
and will do secondary actions, that would be show info instead of play, maybe 
add to playlist for songs

> > It would be nice if the browser had a slot that would allow the states to
> > tell it to focus on one item with a frame around. I would then put
> > next/previous buttons in the control bar that allows the user to switch
> > to another picture or we could just swipe or use the arrows on the
> > keyboard. Since you are the browser master I thought I aske what you
> > think about that.
> > 
> > Double clicking on a picture would directly go to the player showing the
> > picture in fullscreen mode in which the control panel and information
> > panel would autohide. (I could also add a fullscreen button of course.
> Again, instead of double-click, whatever the user has selected to
> activate items.

it should be used either always single click or followed the global 
doubleclick settings.
I'm leaning towards banning double click at all there :)

> > This would also be nice for the video mode, although I do not know yet
> > how to handle showing the playlist and the information panel at once.
> > Hmmm.
> > 
> > Maybe we can have a brainstorming session about some detailed
> > functionality that we want to provide. Doing this via the mailing list
> > is maybe not such a good idea. At least for a first idea collection run.
> No, it is always a good idea to post all such discussion on the
> mailing list. (CC'ing to the ML) Also, its always a nice idea to be
> online on IRC whenever possible, because imho communication with
> others is no less important than coding :)


Marco Martin

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