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2010/4/8 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>

> On April 8, 2010, Christophe Olinger wrote:
> > One thing missing is the layout of the actual subComponents in the
> applets.
> > Currently they are just added in a row. For this we need the API. The
> > layout should recognize which type of applet arrives and lay it out
> > accordingly. That means lots of if/thens within tha applet code. This
> also
> > means adding new states with new subcomponents would mean adding if/tehns
> > to the actual addToLayout functions in the applets.
> what i'd recommend is to provide a way to tag subcomponents with values
> (e.g.
> an enum) that says something about what they do.
> divide up each MainComponent into "zones" (navigation, media playing,
> status,
> whatever :) and then each sub component can be tagged by the creator of the
> sub component (e.g. a state) with what it is.
> then the main components will know which zone they belong in.
> from there, i'd go with a naive implementation, at least at first, that
> just
> puts things into the respective zones on a first-come-first-placed basis.

This makes me thinking about the MediaLayout object. Now it resides inside
the containment implementation.
Probably we should have something that specifies wher the subComponent is
suggested to be placed; this
can likely be:
- Fullscreen
- AppearingFromLeftEdge
- AppearingFromTopEdge
- AppearingFromBottomEdge
- AppearingFromRightEdge
- Invisible

Then the layout object should place them accordingly. Those are just my 2
cents. Better ideas are welcome :-)


> this alleviates the needs for if/else and odd interactions between state
> plugins and the main components that need to lay out a plugin's custom sub
> components.
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