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it seems people like plasma-netbook already :)

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Subject: Re: [kde-promo] Communication of the upcoming Kubuntu Netbook Edition 
Date: September 29, 2009, 18:30:17
From: Carl Symons <carlsymons at gmail.com>
To: kde-promo at kde.org

> Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 15:18:05 -0400
> From: Scott Kitterman <kde at kitterman.com>
> Subject: [kde-promo] Communication of the upcoming Kubuntu Netbook
>        Edition release
> To: KDE Promo <kde-promo at kde.org>

> As some of you will be aware, Kubuntu and the plamsa netbook developers
> have been working together on a special technology preview "Kubuntu Netbook
> Edition" as part of the *buntu "Karmic Koala"/9.10 release next month.

First of all...I downloaded the OS today. It is
delightful...appearance and function.

> I'm the Kubuntu developer who has been leading this effort from the Kubuntu
> end of things.  I'm writing here because I want to make sure that how we
> describe the release is in sync with KDE.
> The situation, from my perspective is that we have taken a very early
> snapshot of plasma netbook and integrated it into KDE 4.3 (plasma netbook
> will ship from KDE first in 4.4).  It provides a somewhat bare austere, but
> usable environment.

I ran Moblin a bit over the past few days after getting a USB "LiveCD"
at LinuxCon. It is austere. In comparison, Kubuntu Netbook is fancy,
fancy. Nuno Pinheiro's work shines. And the interface philosophy is
already superior to Moblin, in my view. I agree with something I saw
mentioned--perhaps at your site--KNetbook resembles Kubuntu but has
its own personality.

> It is stable and usable, but it does not fully reflect KDE's vision for
> netbook.

Yes, but it does reflect a significant departure from netbook business as usual.

> I do not want people to look at this and see its incompleteness and say
> KDE's vision falls short.  I want people to see what's there, like it, and
> look forward to seeing the full vision in KDE 4.4 (and of course our "Lucid
> Lynx"/10.04 release).
> We are already attracting users from other sources who have never been
> willing to try KDE before.
> I'm interested in feedback on how to communicate these messages in a way
> that communicates both what it is and what it isn't.
> Scott K
I've been poking around at Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Moblin. Neither
really work for me, as I'm a KDE Koolaid drinker by now, and Moblin is
not Linuxy enough. I was sold by the video and descriptions.

As Jos says, it works to tell the truth. In my view, the KDE 4 release
philosopy has proven out (yeah I know not everyone agrees.)

There are a couple of technical issues that got in the way of a 100%
no problem install. The ISO is too big to fit on a CD and for some
reason, I couldn't get K3B to stick it on a DVD. So I used unetbootin
and a USB drive. The process was a bit rough. (Although that's one of
the attractions of Linux for me.)

The "newspaper"/"application" selector is a bit hinky. Maybe I haven't
figured it out yet, but it seems to work capriciously.

It feels like what it's billed as--"alpha", although so far it behaves
well. Perhaps something could be done by your team, even possibly with
cooperation from the KDE-promo bunch, to craft an install/user guide.

On my Aspire 1, KNtbk installed wireless & wired networking better
than Kubuntu 9.04. There were no device function issues.

You may want to discount my strong inclination to KDE in the
following...I think that the Kubuntu Netbook Edition-Karmic even now
is superior to straight Kubuntu 9.04 and Moblin. I haven't used Ubuntu
Netbook Remix enough to feel comfortable offering an opinion. In other
words, I think that you've built a winner.

I'd welcome the opportunity to contribute to the introduction effort.

Carl Symons
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