Forecast-only weather ion

Thilo-Alexander Ginkel thilo at
Wed Sep 30 21:14:01 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 30 September 2009 19:20:55 Shawn Starr wrote:
> > Unfortunately, only provides forecast data through its free
> > web service API, so the Ion actually has no access to current observation
> > data to provide to the Weather Plasmoid. AFAICS this results in some ugly
> > rendering glitches in the Plasmoid such as a large question mark document
> > being displayed instead of the current weather condition.
> If you omit the keys for current conditions, it should not display any
>  current condition tab at all.

That's correct.

> > Is building a Ion that does not supply observation data, but only
> > forecast data, supported? Is there a way to convince the Weather Plasmoid
> > to skip displaying the observation data (instead of displaying "N/A"
> > indicators and icons)?
> If you use "N/A"  the applet should ignore displaying those fields if they
> aren't even set, they shouldn't appear at all.
> Let me know where it is not doing this and I'll fix applet.

Currently I am sending the following data back for a weather forecast request:

QHash(("Place", QVariant(QString, "Heidelberg") ) ( "Credit Url" ,  
QVariant(QString, "") ) ( "Condition Icon" ,  
QVariant(QString, "N/A") ) ( "Temperature Unit" ,  QVariant(QString, "6001") ) 
( "Total Weather Days" ,  QVariant(int, 4) ) ( "Credit" ,  QVariant(QString, 
"Powered by") ) ( "Short Forecast Day 0" ,  QVariant(QString, "day|
weather-clouds|cloudy|22|14|20") ) ( "Short Forecast Day 1" ,  
QVariant(QString, "nite|weather-clouds-night|cloudy|13|12|20") ) ( "Short 
Forecast Day 2" ,  QVariant(QString, "Thu|weather-clouds|cloudy|20|9|20") ) ( 
"Short Forecast Day 3" ,  QVariant(QString, "Fri|weather-clouds|cloudy|17|9|
20") ) ( "Station" ,  QVariant(QString, "Heidelberg") ) )

This results in the following display (under KDE built from trunk):

IMHO, the condition icon should be left out in this case and probably nothing 
should be displayed instead of "N/A" for the current temperature (I also tried 
leaving out the condition icon completely, which did not make any difference).

Alternatively, I could of course also display the weather icon that is 
associated with the current time in the forecast results, but that kind of 
feels like cheating. ;-)

Now that my Weather Ion is mostly feature-complete, how does the further 
process look like? Should I submit a review request? Should it first go to the 
playground? (Feel free to point me to a Wiki page if there is any explaining 
the process.)


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