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> Cool, I'll append some more information to the remote widgets design doc
> when
> I've got the time.
Great, thanks.

>  > Also, publishing
> >
> > > a Plasma::Service using a different technology (like as a SOAP service)
> > > would
> > > be tricky since the access/control and message singing would make this
> > > SOAP service quite complicated to use
> >
> > Well, a lot of SOAP services in the industry there have very complicated
> > specifications on how to access them. I don't think anybody would kick us
> > for some security parameters that need to be added to messages. :-)
> Ok, it'll require me to change the implementation to no longer stream
> Credentials to a bytearray, but append the different fields as child nodes
> in
> the message to be somewhat usable, but that's a relatively minor change.
> And I
> suppose we could always write some libs for php/ruby/whatnot to make
> accessing
> these plasma soap services easier.
Definitely. Moreover, they already have some very nice APIs for accessing
Web Services so if we make a little document with the specs it would already
be pretty easy I think.

> >
> > For the future tools, we would just need a WSDL2Jolie converter, since we
> > already have Jolie2Plasma (which converts a Jolie interface to a
> kconfigxml
> > service descriptor).
> That would be lovely... such a converter could make a lot of common cases
> extremely easy to use. Think of something like:
> Plasma::Service *service =
>  AccessManager::self()-
> >accessService("");
> and then just being able to use service just like any Plasma::Service.
Yes we should aim to something like that. A first step would be at least to
have a semi-automatic tool that takes the WSDL as input and outputs a Jolie
script that can then be used with loadEmbeddedJolieService and let it handle
the dirty work.

> > What I'd like to get working first is to, at least, be able to implement
> > local (yes, local) services in Jolie. By doing so I would already gain a
> >  lot of power, for example a plasmoid could load this Jolie service using
> >  loadEmbeddedJolieService in MetaService and I could use this Jolie
> service
> >  to orchestrate whatever distributed application in a network, hiding the
> >  complexity from Plasma.
> > Orchestrating a distributed application could be something complicated
> > (multiparty p2p session) or simply accessing your GoogleMail. ;)
> Cool stuff :p
> Thanks for your feedback. You've given me some useful stuff to make the
> implementation more flexible. I'll be improving the implementation, and
> will
> keep you informed of the progress.

Ok, thanks a lot. :-)

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