Review request: Container plasma applet

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at
Mon Sep 28 16:54:04 CEST 2009

On Sunday 27 September 2009 23:58:56 Marco Martin wrote:
> to summarize, here there are 3 problems:
> i don't think good pixel alignment could be reached using just svg, no
>  matter how good the renderer is (unless we will have someday something as
>  crazy as the truetype hinting language, something that i don't see in the
>  near future, not even desiderable, probably), oxygen icons are mostly
>  redrawn from scratch or at least adapted for different resolutions,
>  because they're different beasts and shapes have to be quite different
>  (hopefully when we'll have 300+ dpi monitors the problem will solve itself
>  :D).


> however, with svg we can have an image that can look good at a certain size
> (the default systray size?) and its multiples, and could be good enough
>  (now the battery svg is not that bad, the only reall bad bit is the little
>  lighting that signales ac plugged in, but that's fixable).
> if it will still use svg, just one thing is important to do: now resizing
>  the battery it gets stretched in funny ways. it should retain its aspect
>  ratio and be painted in the largest proportioned rect contained in the
>  applet contents rect. should be quite a small patch.

I think that while your analisys is correct, you're a bit too much optimistic, 
because you forgot something. ;-)
To keep a long story short, I think this works perfectly for icons >32x32, but 
for smaller sizes details have to be removed and strokes thikened, so when 
rendering the svgs at its multiples you end up with way too thick borders and 
incorrect icons. :\

> last thing, monocrome systray:
> since it's really simple probably svgs are enough in this case too, for
> plasmoids would be a bit tricky, because they should have to detect if they
> are in the systray and change their svg accordingly.
> for the new systray protocol icons, if they use icon names as opposed to
> pixmaps it is ridicolously easy: just find that name in the plasma theme,
>  if not found use kicon as usual, for old icons, well, another reason to
>  port it

yup, that'd rock! :-)


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