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Mon Sep 21 06:29:51 CEST 2009

On September 20, 2009, Marco Martin wrote:
> On Sunday 20 September 2009, Marco Martin wrote:
> > On Thursday 17 September 2009, Marco Martin wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > > since i want to do the netbook shell as good as possible, i'm
> > > interested to hear opinions and directions from you guys =D
> > >
> > > i would like to have a little irc meeting about it, to discuss some of
> > > the issues there still are  in the current implementation, possible
> > > topics are: -point of the situation, what actually are the issues :)
> > > -integration with the system, like with kwin, and how to start a
> > > netbook session
> > > -default applets layout, what to put in the containments
> > > -look and feel: how should actually look from a designe pov
> > > -priorities: what is really important for 4.4, what can be 4.5
> > >
> > > more implementation details, not really metting topics:
> > > -how to loadthe default layout: hardcode/vs default config fie/vs
> > > scripting -what are the ugly spots in the code and things like that
> > >
> > > could be done? what do you think?
> > >
> > > Cheers,
> > > Marco Martin
> >
> > in the end being aaron and nuno-less there wasn't much going on, however
> > me and arthur chatted a bit about the various parts for a bit, here is
> > the unfiltered log that can at least make a recap of the topics if we can
> > make a "good one" :)
> little synopsys, topics were mostly what we more urgently need for 4.4:
> *Panel:
>   -default applets: now there are  current window control, activitybar,
> spacer, systray, search field for sal

search field probably not needed now? (see below)

(and you're missing clock there, no?)

also, in systray there is: battery, networking, .. ?

>   - i would swap current window control and the search field

swap position you mean? if so, why?

>   - connected to the ability to have multiple "pages" (just tought about it
> now) a button after activitybar that creates a new newspaper activity

this could also be in the newspaper page itself to save space in the 

>   - other thing not touched there but to be decided: panel autohide or not?

i like the current behaviour for the default..

>   - search field for sal: since the sal has a search field by itself i
>  would do:
>      -make it no longer a popupapplet so i can access the dialog geometry
>      -make the dialog be exactly superimposed to the sal internel search
>  field to make it feel they are the "same thing"

i don't think a separate applet for this is needed at all now, tbh. and if 
it's always in the panel, then we don't need the separate icon in the panel 
either. just focus the line edit when switching to it.
> *Newspaper
>   -titles: on mouse over like applet handles or always there? (applet
>  handles like would be waay simpler code, less clobbering with layouts)

why would applet handles like be simpler? i'd think that always-there handles 
would be easier.

what are the design goals for the handles?

* provide access to close, maximize and configure. do we want a way to 
collapse an applet too? that's probably not strictly necessary.

* finger friendly? (this may make it significantly harder to keep the spacing 
nice; perhaps there could be a size adjustment based on whether it's on a 
touch screen or not?)

* widgets shouldn't move around whether the handle is visible or not

* should hide when not hovered or selected? perhaps the handles can always be 
there and only the control buttons fade in when a widget is hovered? 
interesting to see how does it, too.

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