netbook irc meeting

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Sep 17 16:31:39 CEST 2009

Hi all,
since i want to do the netbook shell as good as possible, i'm interested to 
hear opinions and directions from you guys =D

i would like to have a little irc meeting about it, to discuss some of the 
issues there still are  in the current implementation, possible topics are:
-point of the situation, what actually are the issues :)
-integration with the system, like with kwin, and how to start a netbook 
-default applets layout, what to put in the containments
-look and feel: how should actually look from a designe pov
-priorities: what is really important for 4.4, what can be 4.5

more implementation details, not really metting topics:
-how to loadthe default layout: hardcode/vs default config fie/vs scripting
-what are the ugly spots in the code and things like that

could be done? what do you think?

Marco Martin

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