QtScript bindings

Tommi Mikkonen tjm at cs.tut.fi
Tue Sep 15 08:00:58 CEST 2009

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> Frame is not a QFrame, it's a Plasma::Frame. 
> WebView is not a QWebView, it's a Plasma::WebView.
Ok, accepted; the problem is that I'm aiming at porting
from QtScript to Plasma, and this is one of the things where
I constantly make mistakes. Can I create a QFrame inside a
plasmoid then? Or should I always use Plasma Frame?
Moreover, is there real difference to the developer which
widget is being created, or is this just a matter of which
API has been opened?

How about LinearLayout? According to
it constructs a QGraphicsLinearLayout, but is this
really a Plasma item, too?

> any suggestions for getting enums into the JS namsepace?
Not at present; I think that we will have to live with
the stuff where we have made the binding.

> yes, there isn't a nice debugging system yet..
Qt Script comes with a nice debugger, so moving to that environment
will introduce improved capabilities automatically. Of course, the
will not be available if there are other VMs that are used as well.
> i'm not so sure. learning the difference between Plasma::WebView and WebView, 
> depending on the script bindings used, is probably pretty nominal compared to 
> becoming acquainted with the entire Qt API.
As I'm currently aiming at porting QtScript apps to Plasmoid,
I'd like to get as much access to Qt as possible. Probably this is not
a typical situation, but for me there has been a lot of problems with
Qt widgets vs. Plasma widgets and things that are not available
in the latter. But you are right, to someone who is new to the
entire system things can be different.

> also note that the simple applet JS bindings do not bind the entire API of all 
> the classes offered, either.
I've noticed. What's the reason of offering these particular
classes? Has there been a particular set of apps in mind? I've
tried porting a number of Lively apps, and the ones that would
fit the layouting idea run to a dead end since they would like to
use the web, and the standalone apps on the other hand would
need access to QColor, QPolygon (our first real demo, Asteroids)


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