QtScript bindings

Tommi Mikkonen tjm at cs.tut.fi
Mon Sep 14 20:55:19 CEST 2009

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On September 14, 2009, Tommi Mikkonen wrote:
>> What I'd personally like to do is to create the same stuff downloadable
>> at lively.cs.tut.fi/qt inside a plasmoid using plain JavaScript. In
> once we have full qt/kdelibs bindings available to us, this should be trivial. 
> it would be really interesting to see what can be done at that point as Lively 
> seems very interesting.
Based on experiences from the students and other folks, developing cool
widgets and little apps takes only few hours. Moreover, the system has
proven to be surprisingly robust against small errors in the content
downloaded from the net.
>> In the present implementation, we have generated full bindings to Qt
>> APIs using qtscriptgenerator, and then we use the APIs for composing
>> mashups etc. This means a considerable extension to Plasmoid JavaScript
>> interfaces, including stuff like xml processing, networking etc.
> which is great for trusted content; for untrusted content (or for people who 
> don't want to get neck deep into the full APIs), the simplified JS interface 
> will continue to exist.
Agreed, and my thoughts exactly.

Having said that, what I would also like is a harmonized API; having
finally spend some hours tonight (after traveling in conferences for
some weeks!) on JS Plasmoid development with Lively content, I
constantly seem to have problems on the names of widget types etc. Only
a subset would be available for unreliable stuff, and the full set for
reliable plasmoids.


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