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Francesco Grieco fgrieco at
Sat Sep 12 12:29:43 CEST 2009


I wrote a Plasma::DataEngine for Picasa.
It is based on YouTube Engine and Kipi Plugins.
I think it can be very useful for MediaCenterComponents
or for some others things :=)

It is possible to query Picasa in two ways:

1) album/user at
    returns a list of the user's albums (public without password and
public/private with password)
    with the associated informations

2) photo/albumid/user at
    returns a list of the album's photos with the associated informations

I can add a generic search function if necessary.

Hope it can be included in KDE :D

git repository: git://

Best regards,
Francesco Grieco

P.S.: please CC me in the reply since i'm not subscribed to the list
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