Plasma-devel Digest, Vol 15, Issue 25

Yuen Hoe Lim yuenhoe86 at
Sat Sep 12 14:55:19 CEST 2009

I'll see if I can get plasmate to start previewing the stuff in the
present project through the weekend :)

By the way, I'm a little confused with using the editor. How does one
use it :D I find I'm only able to start editing if I click on 'New' a
couple of times. The other stuff in the tree, like Main Script File or
Main Configuration file and such don't respond no matter how hard I
click on them =x I noticed that there are actually files (like a stub
plasmoid class) created behind the scenes, but I just can't figure out
how to load and edit them inside plasmate :O

On 9/11/09, Diego Casella ([Po]lentino) <polentino911 at> wrote:
>> ---------- Messaggio inoltrato ----------
>> From: Yuen Hoe Lim <yuenhoe86 at>
>> To: plasma-devel at
>> Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 10:56:09 +0800
>> Subject: Re: Plasmate previewer, again =P
>> >> * The previewer is awesome, but its possible to test it with a "fake"
>> >> package and see if it load it correctly ?
>> > can you try it on a real package loaded in plasmate?
>> Back awhile I tried pointing it to some of my plasmoid source code before
>> and it worked, so assuming the timeline/git mechanism stores the packages
>> in
>> identical format it should just be a matter of passing in the path as
>> argument :P
> Good :)
>> I'm a little lost with the other stuff though. Will do some ploughing
>> through the current code this weekend :)
>> ----
>> Jason "moofang" Lim Yuen Hoe

Jason "moofang" Lim Yuen Hoe

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