Stylesheets and plasma widgets

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Sep 11 14:10:53 CEST 2009

On Friday 11 September 2009, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On September 10, 2009, alan moore wrote:
> > Thanks; I tried this, but it didn't work (or else I'm doing it wrong).
> looking at Plasma::PushButton, it doesn't allow setting the font directly.
> it uses the theme's font. it should probably not do so if a font is set
> (e.g. receives a FontChange event).. so some work needed in libplasma
yeah, i'm not too happy about font and colors management in plasma..
for fonts, now we have:


i think it's quite important to define what should be used and when and then 
go hunting all widgets in libplasma and do the right thing (tm)

now, i'm not sure if QGraphicsProxyWidget::font() is syncronized with 
nativeWidget()->font(), but it should be used the one from plasma::teme unless 
a font is set, but is it possible at all to know if a non default font was 
set? font() will always return a QFont copy, soo, comparing some attributes 
like family and size with QApplication::font?

Marco Martin

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