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> On September 10, 2009, Shantanu Tushar Jha wrote:
> > As we could not have the meeting on that time as Diego and Aaron were
> busy
> > at Tokamak,
> actually, we showed up on irc at the stated time and waited around ... :/
yup ...

> > It'll be nice to have some status update. Diego what things are
> > remaining to be implemented, i.e. which were planned but are not yet
> > implemented?
> we put together a really short list of "things to do next"; Diego, do you
> have
> that still?
> Of course !
Since up to now the code structure is not as good as we want, the basic idea
was to build a core class that handles our UI stuff, a ProjectManager class
to create/load projects and keep track of its files, and other stuffs.
As soon as everything works well, first we have to provide a secure way to
upload the package ( the idea is to use QCA to sign the package ); second,
that is, when an user download a package from our server, we have to alert
the user with one of these signals ( iirc :P ):

   - Green flag: package signed by both KDE and the developer ( = completely
   trusted );
   - Blue flag: package signed by KDE, but not by the developer;
   - Yellow flag: package signed by the developer, but not by KDE;
   - Red flag: package is not signed ( = install it at your own risk ).

Also, some improvements on Plasma::PackageMetadata should be done ( if there
are no issues with BC ):

   - Made method's name more coherent ( for example, if the entry we want to
   retrieve is "X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name" and the getter is called "PluginName()",
   why the setter is named "setName()" ? it should be "setPluginName()" ! );
   - extend the API in order to handle more entries ( for example, up to now
   there is no API call to write the "X-Plasma-MainScript" entry, so i'm forced
   to use QFile to open the metadata.desktop file, and then append that string
   manually O_o )

Actual state of PlasMate:
* At present, the TimeLine is broken again because the regexp fix made @
Tokamak was wrong: in fact the regexp "^commit [0-9a-ef]+$" always returns
the entire list of commits! I've adjusted it with "commit\\s[0-9a-f]{40}\\n"
and now works perfectly but, since splitting a string with a regexp also
removes the matched expressions, the sha1hash is not present in the
resulting list so I'm waiting to write an elegant solution before committing
* The editor works pretty good, I tried it and works perfectly.
* The previewer is awesome, but its possible to test it with a "fake"
package and see if it load it correctly ?

Ok, i think that's all, now i want your opinion/ideas =)
Have a nice day,

Cheers !!!

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