Tokamak III Wrap Up

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at
Tue Sep 8 21:12:22 CEST 2009

On Monday 07 September 2009 22:13:34 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Monday 07 September 2009 21:28:53 Ana Cecília Martins Barbosa wrote:
> > The trip back to Brazil was great! - me and Arthur went to the train
> >  station wearing only one jacket and the weather was 2 degrees Celsius
> >  cold! How evolved are we?!
> I'm quite impressed.
> > Sebas, the article is great and I have no complains about it - btw,
> > thanks for calling me designer ;)
> You are :)
> > I haven't made a blog post about tokamak yet, but you should now how
> > thankful I am to be given the opportunity of being part of this - this
> > was one of the most exciting/significative experiences I've ever had.
> > Each one of you contributte to this community in your own way, and the
> > fact that everyone is so different, yet so good on what you do, makes
> > this community the most rich and pleasent group to work with. I've
> > learned so much with you in these days!
> > I miss you guys already and I can't wait for the next opportunity to meet
> > you again! :)
> I've asked the openSuse people if they would like to host Tokamak III in
>  February, and they're happy to. The premises and everything looks really
>  good, and with some details such as date sorted, T4 is go :)
> > Sebas - I'll give you screenshots of the widgets explorer in a minute,
> > ok?!
> Cool! The text is nearly ready thanks to everyone's comments and Jos' mad
>  dot- editing, I'll publish it somewhen tomorrow morning, my timezone.
> Cheers,

He. Only after sending the mail I realized I didn't tell you what I thought of 
the article. So let me try to sum it up with "Kick Ass". The plasma team did a 
stellar job, and you did a great job summarizing it! 
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