Tokamak III Wrap Up

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sat Sep 5 14:53:18 CEST 2009

Fellow Plasmaniacs,

I hope you all got home well, and those of you who haven't made it yet: have a safe  
and pleasant trip!

I've spent the better part (actually the better part of the journey I was *not* 
sleeping or having lunch in the train's restaurant ;-)) to writing up the results of 
last week's Plasma cuddling in the Alps. Maybe I hadn't realized it yet, but HOLY 
CRAP -- what a lot of big achievements.

As such, the tone of this article is pretty bold. I've quoted some people (notably 
aseigo, pinda, morpheuz, these people, and everybody else should fact-check the 
article so we don't make false promises. If you feel uncomfortable with some of the 
contents of this article, please let me know and we'll change it before publishing. 
I'll also add a couple of photos and screenshots to the article. Ana, can you give me 
a nice-looking screenshot of the widgets explorer? Marco / Artur, please send me one 
of the netbook shell. Dario, I need a policykit screenie. Thanks!

As to reviewing, especially the following is needed:

- proof-reading by native speaker
- fact-checks (who did what)
- spell-checking andn correct attribution of names
- what else did I forget?

I plan to publish the article on Tuesday and will poke the press a bit to write about 
it, so please be quick by providing feedback, fresh news is more likely to be re-
published by third parties after all -- and we certainly have created interesting 
stuff to write about.

Maybe also a personal note to everybody involved: I really enjoyed working with 
everybody, and to me T3 was serious fun. You rock! Thanks for having me being part of 
such a great team. I mean it.

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