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Sun May 31 18:20:29 CEST 2009

What about doing the old test (isLocalFile || isRelativePath()), this would
keep the old behavior and add support for relative paths, i believe
something like http://path_to/thing.desktop will never be relative?


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On Saturday 30 May 2009, dantti85-dev at wrote:
> The url for these relative paths are like
> "Internet/kvirc.desktop", and how does
> that http://foo/.../thing.desktop works? I mean
> how can one input those?

that method is used for the creation of items for most of the views, and it's 
not hard to get such urls in, for instance, recently used documents.

> We can test the url protocol but it actually depends more
> on it being passed, like these relatives don't pass.

sure; but in the case of the relative path, what does protocol() return? i 
imagine an empty string? probably checking for either file or QString() would 

> This patch is not completely actually, after i sent
> the email, i remembered that i forgot to put code to
> add it to panel, (but it's quite easy to fix..), I'll try to finish
> tomorrow.

"add to panel" and "add to desktop" is such a horrible hack it's not even 
funny. i really wish, in retrospect, that i'd been a bit stricter and not let 
those feature/bugs in. i was catching enough flak from the people who were 
contributing such patches at the time that i eventually just gave in. *sigh*

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