Configuring time and date from context menu of digital-clock applet

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Thu May 28 20:17:10 CEST 2009

On Thursday 28 May 2009, Gökçen Eraslan wrote:
> I've said "it was in KDE3" because I see this as some kind of a usability
> regression. I mean, if you can configure time by right clicking the clock
> itself in KDE3 and now, you have to go through Menu->"System
> Settings"->"Date and Time" path to setup time in KDE4, what do you call
> this? Improvement?

we could go through each and every feature in KDE3 and make the exactly same 
type of argument. this is precisely what we need to avoid and why i spent the 
time writing what i did.

it has _nothing_ to do with "it's different now" and everything to do with 
"it's a good idea". this is a good idea, something we both agree on, and so it 
goes in.

but we should not base arguments based on things such as "this is a usability 
regression over KDE3" because then virtually _every single feature that is 
different_ becomes  a "usability regression".

> > instead, i'd suggest doing a query for the clock kcm from
> > KServiceTypeTrader and start the returned service, if any.
> Actually, this was the way I've seen in Pager applet's context menu. I'll

hm, good catch. this is probably hold over from when kcm's were in the 
application menu (kde2 and kde3) instead of registered as services (kde4); so 
back then we could only launch them by their destkop file name, whereas now we 
can query for "the kcm known as.." which is far less brittle.

> change this part of the patch also.

great :)

feel free to commit once it's done; if this is indeed a new string, maybe we 
can ask the i18n teams for an exemption as it would be nice to have it in 4.3.

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