Configuring time and date from context menu of digital-clock applet

Chani chanika at
Thu May 28 19:21:05 CEST 2009

> > PS: By the way, there is a bug about time configuration. By default,
> > update interval of digital-clock plasmoid is 60 seconds when showSeconds
> > is false, and 1 second if it's true. If you change time from clock kcm
> > and showSeconds is false, digital-clock applet refreshes itself 1 minute
> > later. Maybe updateInterval should be hardcoded as 1 second regardless of
> > showSeconds variable.
> waking up 60x more often than necessary is a really good way to reduce
> battery life. the clock doesn't update once a minute just because it's lazy
> ;)
> as Daniel points out, the correct solution is a dbus signal (probably from
> kded4) that we can listen to.

I'd like to see any time-jump give all the dataengines a kick, actually.
we still (afaik) have the problem that coming out of suspend doesn't update 
the clock until the minute changes, and so on. I have an amusing screenshot of 
the clock and its tooltip disagreeing on the time. :)

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