Configuring time and date from context menu of digital-clock applet

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu May 28 13:39:15 CEST 2009

On Thursday 28 May 2009, Gökçen Eraslan wrote:
> Hi,
> A patch for $subject is attached. This was the default behaviour in KDE3,
> now users have to open systemsettings to configure date/time.
> Any reviews, comments?

could make sense i miss that feature too...
however it will have to wait since we're now in string freeze, brrrr

> PS: By the way, there is a bug about time configuration. By default, update
> interval of digital-clock plasmoid is 60 seconds when showSeconds is false,
> and 1 second if it's true. If you change time from clock kcm and
> showSeconds is false, digital-clock applet refreshes itself 1 minute later.
> Maybe updateInterval should be hardcoded as 1 second regardless of
> showSeconds variable.

hmm, not sure, would be  making it to do way more work just for the occasion 
of something that happens very rarely

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