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Wed May 27 10:29:49 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 26 May 2009 19:11:09 Marco Martin wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 May 2009, Artur Souza(MoRpHeUz) wrote:
> > Yesterday's night I committed the first code regarding plasma on
> > netbooks. I just created the SAL (search and launch) containment basic
> > files with place holders (just to have something :P ). You can find it in
> > playground/plasma/netbook/ .

trying it now :)

> neat :)
> (i think i'll make some simple stupid panel applets here)
> aaand maybe move shells/plasma-mid under netbook/shell?

Did we discuss the difference between internet tablets and netbook yet? 
(internet tablet being an N810 for example, netbook in the range of an Asus 
Eee PC or Acer One). 
The more I think about it, the more differences I see that warrant different 

- input: netbooks are likely to have a mouse and a semi-usable keyboard, MID 
have near-unusable keyboard (maybe even onscreen) and more like a touch screen
- screen space: netbooks are going down until 567 (one of those HP things 
apparently), MID probably even smaller (and you still need larger hit areas 
than on netbooks b/c of input
- hardware resources: performance on netbooks is already OK, while MID is a 
bit slow last time I tried.

IMO it would make sense to concentrate on one of those two. Targeting a 
netbook is likely to be more realistic.

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