questions about the NowListening applet and MPD support

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon May 25 18:39:17 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 20 May 2009, Eric Deshayes wrote:
> 1. about the functionality
> - shouldn't the nowplaying only monitor one music source at a time?


> - should the applet display the music played by all the running music
> sources? 

perhaps allow the user to select if there is more than one?

> - does it make sense to give the user to select one and only one
> music source, either from the configuration ui or from the applet directly?

from the applet itself would feel most natural to me.

> 2. on the technical side
> - regarding the addition of the MPD support, what should we consider as a
> data source for the nowplaying data engine:
> the mpd datasource (and the host/port/password) is used when a service is
> created
> or
> any connection to a mpd server is a data source, ie you could have more
> than one mpd datasource, each of them being a different mpd server

the latter seems most natural to me?
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