Plamsa::PopupApplet and modal dialogs

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu May 21 11:17:09 CEST 2009

On Thursday 21 May 2009, Amos Kariuki wrote:
> Have a question regarding the Plasma::PopupApplet behavior after it
> displays a modal dialog.  In the current implementation, when a modal
> dialog is opened from the Popup applet, the applet automatically gets
> hidden in the background while the modal dialog is still open.  I was
> thinking the behavior should be that the Popup applet should always
> remain visible if a child modal dialog is displayed.  Is this a
> reasonable default behavior or is it not advisable to display modal
> dialogs from popup-applets?
> My scenario:
> I have a Popup applet, docked to the panel, that displays a dialog
> containing an "Add Folder" button.  When the user clicks the "Add
> Folder" button, a modal KDirSelectDialog is displayed allowing the
> user to select a folder that would be later displayed in the Popup
> applet; however the pop-up applet gets hidden in the background.
> After the user adds a folder, they have to reopen the Popup applet to
> verify the folder got added.

what kind of applet is?
does make more sense that is automatically closed when it loses focus or not?
if not you can set it as passive setPassive(true) and wouldn't be 
automatically closed anymore

> I'm currently working around this by manually calling
> PopupApplet::show() after opening the KDirSelectDialog but it feels
> kind of hackish so I thought I'd get some opinions.
> Thanks,
> Amos Kariuki
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