battery plasmoid and remaining time..

Andreas Stricker astricker at
Tue May 19 15:43:15 CEST 2009

Chani wrote:
> 4) what other methods of reporting battery status can we think of, and what 
> are their pros & cons? (eg. percentage is already there, it's perfectly 
> accurate, but the user may not interpret it very well)

Someone smart said:

  1 word = 1 millipicture

Why not include a graph where a human beeing is able to easy guess
the value. X axis is time, y axis is remaining battery level.
We may provide four curves:

1. The current energy usage graph to the current time*
2. The average energy usage graph (since recording)
3. The worst energy usage graph (since recording)
4. The best energy usage graph (since recording)

* nothing is interpolated

The computer don't have to lie, the human don't need to calculate,
the human only need to mentally interpolate the curve, supported
by the historical values.

Just an idea...

Regards, Andy

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