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Tue May 19 10:06:02 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 19 May 2009, Alan Alpert wrote:
> On Tue, 19 May 2009 17:07:25 ext Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > The "third" layout system would be one solely for the Declarative QML.
> > > From C++ we intend to let you use QGraphicsLayout. The point is that
> > > you need to be able to use items in QML that are designed to be used
> > > declaratively, and neither current layout system was so designed.
> >
> > is it possible to add this to the QGraphicsLayout system? if it needs to
> > all be worked around, so be it, but if it's possible to extend and
> > improve what exists that would be a bonus in my books.
> If they end up providing similar behavior to QGraphicsLayouts then we'll
> probably make the QML items QGraphicsLayout subclasses. That would only
> change how they appear in C++ though.

the C++ is what matters, since that means (or at least should mean) less code 
duplication and fewer layout systems. however it appears in the glue layers 
(e.g. QML -> C++ calls) hardly matters imho, while keeping all the hard work 
centralized and in as few places as possible will mean fewer "$FOO doesn't 
work with $BAR" incidents likely and that there will be greater consistency in 
features and bugs.

it just doesn't make sense, at least to me, to have multiple layout / canvas / 
etc systems, unless our goal is more bugs and interaction gotchas ;)

> However, we've found that our layouts have been behaving differently so
> far, due to the nature of Fluid UIs. They are a lot less standardized, and
> so tend to have irregular layouts, where the central area is managed by
> anchors.

i understand that there is a QGraphicsAnchorLayout scheduled for 4.6.

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