kinetic-declarative plasma integration

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Mon May 18 08:47:10 CEST 2009

Hi Marco,

On 16/05/09 5:53 AM, "ext Marco Martin" <notmart at> wrote:

> neat, quite straightforward.
> but i see that ListView has ListView.isCurrentItem GridView
> GridView.isCurrentItem and so on..
> i think would be better to have that property consistently named, like
> ItemView.isCurrentItem so that would be easier moving delegates between
> different list types? (maybe keeping the ListView.* if there are properties
> specific of a particular view?)

This is a good idea.  When we next do an API review, we'll investigate more
sensible grouping of these properties.

> what i've come up is attached, it's a first rough example of a view more or
> less of the same shape i think we could be interested for the mediacenter
> gsoc..
> it shows some problems tough, they could be things that i did wrong or bugs..
> the highlight covers first item while it's behind the other ones (this happens
> in the shipped examples too) i guess wrong z value?

Whoops, our bad.  If you sync to 0add74a9339a9d7dda302aa4f31cbb50bdb69908 it
should be fixed.
> anchors, should be updated automatically? i have the icon with the property
> anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter, but when i make it bigger
> the image is no longer centered: does the horizontal position have to be
> explicitly updated in the state definition or should be done automatically?

Anchors certainly should be automatically updated.  You're specific problem
was caused by a silly rounding error.  This, too, should be fixed by commit
> and finally the last :) i enlarge the grid cells with key bindings, this works
> except for a thing: the active item is in the state "Details", and when it
> gets back to the normal state the size of the icon is not updated, and i think
> it should, since the base width is defined from the cell size? (for inactive
> items works fine)

I'm not sure I understand this problem.  Could you give a bit more detail/an
example of it not working?
> i'm a bit in a nagging mode but i hope this kind of feedback will be useful ;)

Definitely useful!



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