questions about the NowListening applet and MPD support

Eric Deshayes edeshayes at
Sun May 17 17:57:08 CEST 2009

I wanted to get my hands on KDE 4 and as I use MPD, I tried to write an
applet to control my MPD server.

I then discovered the NowPlaying Plasma applet.

My first question is: is there a mailing-list for that applet and/or its

engine or is the general Plasma mailing list the right one?

Is there some documentation on Plasma (mainly about the data engines, the
applets, the services) other than the Tutorial from or a

mailing list to ask questions about the architecture?

I kind of have figured out what are the data engine for but would that make

sense to have parametrized datasource? In the case of a MPD data source, the
parameters would be the server ip/port and the credentials. I have not found

any data source with such a behaviour. Woud there be any other one?

Also, is anyone working in adding the support of MPD to the NowPlaying
applet? I saw in the TODO that the support of MPD is to be done.

Thanks in advance,

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