kinetic-declarative plasma integration

Alan Alpert alanalpert at
Fri May 15 03:28:28 CEST 2009

On Friday 15 May 2009 07:10:38 Marco Martin wrote:

> > We have a couple of ways of dealing with "lists" of things (which sounds
> > like what the sources returned from a dataengine conceptually are).  All
> > of our view classes can take sets of things, and we also have a
> > generalized "Repeater" element for handling other cases.
> i'm indeed playing with views now.
> since the qml documentation appears still not there i'm going by attempts:
> what classes are for views? until now i've found ListView and GridView,
> anything else?
PathView, which strings its items out along a path. You can thus express your 
items as a circle, zig-zag, or whatever.

> also, is it possible to do an horizontal list view?
The list view has an orientation property that can be set to Vertical or 

> but the real question is: is it possible somehow to plug a traditional qt
> model into it?
Yes. If you create a traditional qt model in C++, and you expose an instance 
of that model in QML, you can bind to that model.

Note that there is some documentation at the moment, even if it's not too easy 
to find. To get the docs, you'll have to make the documentation from the Qt 
source containing Declarative UI. Then there should be a section on the 
Declarative UI module. It should include a list of the available elements in 
QML and how to use them.

Alan Alpert

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