battery plasmoid and remaining time..

Chani chanika at
Thu May 14 09:52:22 CEST 2009

> >
> > well, it works well enough for *me*...  you don't want to hobble mouse
> > interaction because some people have crappy touchpads, so why hide
> > battery info because some people have crappy battery hardware/drivers?
> because beyond crappy drivers i have yet to see calculations that actually
> work (for pretty obvious reasons: work load changes over time) and this is
> the kind of thing that leads to data loss.

like I said, they generally work for me. I wouldn't rely on it to give me the 
difference between 5 minutes and 1 minute (maybe we shouldn't show time if it's 
really low/high or something?), but when it said half an hour left at 11% I 
finally realised that 11% of a 4-hour battery isn't low enough to be running 
for the charger :) 
ime, calculating the probable time remaining in my head based on the 
percentage remaining and what I believe my battery life to be isn't 
particularly accurate either, and takes more effort.

> if the numbers were meaningful or were just harmlessly inaccurate who'd
> care. but why are giving numbers that aren't accurate at the expense of
> more code and more config UI?

config ui?
...oh look at that, there are some misleading, buggy settings in there. eew. I 
didn't even know about that, I was looking at the time-remaining on the popup.
yes, that does need cleaning up.

as for the accuracy of the numbers... ok, they're being rather less accurate 
right now - I know my battery is awesome but 6 hours? ... actually, guessing 
from IRC logs, the battery monitor might be right. wow.
see, this thing has better accuracy than the numbers in my head. that's quite 
good enough for me right now.

I am hoping someone will make it even-more-accurate, though. it said ten hours 
for a few seconds once, and that should be avoidable, I hope.

> i honestly don't get it.

battery time is useless on your hardware, but it isn't on mine.

I'll keep an eye on the time-remaining tomorrow to make sure it's not just a 
fluke that I've had good numbers so far ;)

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