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Sun May 10 02:59:14 CEST 2009

On Saturday 09 May 2009, Shantanu Tushar Jha wrote:
> I looked at the techbase about kparts and studied kwrite code a bit, and
> finally started to try with embedding a text editing kpart in Plasmate.
> I know there's a lot to be done. Just to make sure if I'm going in the
> right direction and to find possible problems, I've attached a patch that

the "correct" way to do this would be to make PackageModel::data suck less ;) 

there should be a MimeType role in PackageModel and when data is called for 
the MimeType it should return the mimetype from the package.

so slotTreeActivated[1] would do something like:

QStringList mimetypes = index->model()->data(index, 

and in PackageModel::data, if it's a leaf node, e.g. a script, then it should 

return m_package->structure()->mimetypes(key);

then based on the mimetypes you can query for the kpart associated with it; 
sth like:

foreach (const QString &mimetype, mimetypes) {
     KService::List offers = KMimeTypeTrader::self()->query(mimetype,  

    if (offers.isEmpty()) {
        offers = KMimeTypeTrader::self()->query(mimetype,  

    if (!offers.isEmpty()) {
         // create the part using

// report an error that we can't view this file type

that will get us a kpart that can edit the file if it exists, a viewing-only 
part if there are no kparts available that can do editing, or nothing at all 
if we don't have any available kparts.

this will then work with _all_ file types in the model :)

[1] as a side note, please don't preface slot names with "slot"; that's an 
implementation detail that may or may not change over time, just name it after 
what it's job is, e.g. "loadEditor(const QModelIndex &)

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