JS Scriptengine in libplasma

Leonardo Franchi lfranchi at kde.org
Wed May 6 21:59:39 CEST 2009

hola folks,

so i'm (finally) looking into adding scripted applet/dataengine support to 
amarok. it's really easy and transparent and all of that (yay plasma!) but we 
have a minor issue. we depend only on kdelibs, and the scriptengines are in 

i understand that most of them have external deps, which may be undesirable. 
Indeed, we'll most likely restrict all applets/engines to being javascript, so 
as to not require the user to install random *-bindings package. But moving 
the javascript dataengine to the plasma in  kdelibs would really be nice.


also, please CC me, i'm not subscribed.


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