Internal Extender Container?

Rob Scheepmaker r.scheepmaker at
Tue May 5 11:36:00 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 10:00:40 Marco Martin wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 May 2009, Rob Scheepmaker wrote:
> > With the string freeze very near, I suddenly remembered one string I
> > would like to see chanced, but I have no idea to what: that of the
> > 'Internal Extender Container'. That's the little applet build into plasma
> > that functions as host to detached extender items (with the nice little
> > snowman icon when in the panel :p).
> > I would love to hear suggestions for a sensible name. Somehow it should
> > reflect the fact that it can gather 'parts' from different applets,
> > preferably without using the term extender, which isn't really 'user
> > proof' I think.
> hmm, i think that applet shouldn't be available at all in the list of the
> aplet browser, since is useful only when an extender item is dropped
> somewhere, so created automatically

Ah, definately, and it isn't available in the applet browser, but still it 
needs a name for the right click menu ("remove this ...", "configure this 
..."). I was thinking of 'Collection'.

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