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Mon May 4 17:54:21 CEST 2009

On Monday 04 May 2009, David Nolden wrote:
> Ok now let's forget this whole past part of the discussion, and start new
> in a productive manner.


> The feature freeze will start today, so in order to get at least something
> useful into KDE 4.3, I now propose this:

don't worry, i consider it a bug fix for non-opaque providing themes.

> - The Theme section of the plasma configuration file contains an additional
> configuraton entry "frameBackgroundColor". If that entry is set, the
> background of floating parts of non-opaque themes will be filled with that
> color in non-composite mode, within the theme-defined mask.
> This configuration entry is needed to distribute the color across all the
> different places where it may be used, like kwin, krunner, plasma panel,
> etc.

the proper cascade should probably be something like this, in ascending order:

* allow a special setting the theme's metadata.desktop, just as we do for the 
default wallpaper

* the window background color from the theme's color scheme

* a special value in plasmarc in the [Theme] section which we can later hook 
into wallpaper plugins

> This is only the backend part though. The next step would be automatically
> setting that color according to the wallpaper.

right, and that's not critical to get in place for 4.3 so we don't need to 
rush this if need be.

oh, note that for wallpaper *packages* we could also provide a value in their 
metadata.desktop file for a "complimentary colour" ... for non-packaged 
wallpapers (and other dynamic plugins) we'd need to rely on some runtime 
analysis of the image or just not bother and rely on the theme for the colour 
in that case.

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