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Chani chanika at
Sat May 2 22:12:22 CEST 2009

> > we're supposed to have some kind of logging facility, right? ideally I'd
> > expect that notifications that stopped doing anything more than 5 minutes
> > ago would get sent away somewhere so that I'd have to explicitly click
> > some sort of "history" button or something to show them. I might not want
> > them permanently deleted (until they start eating disk space) but I want
> > them out of my way.
> Pretty good idea. At the moment there's not such a logging facility yet,
> but it sounds useful to only show recently completed stuff and have,
> besides the 'clear all' link a 'show all completed jobs' link that shows a
> list with a long history of jobs. The 5 minutes however.... it's a pretty
> decent time for while you're behind your computer, but when you start a
> download, walk away and come back to your computer after a couple of hours,
> it's still nice to see what's been completed in the meantime. That makes me
> thinking: is there a easy and well working way to determine if the computer
> is actually being used at the moment (I mean some central kde facility, not
> having to rely on mouse polling or stuff like that). Because in that case
> we could expire in a short time, but only if the computer is actually in
> use. Job completes in your absense? It will stay for 5 minutes after you
> get back to your computer. Maybe an idea?

well, some part of the screensaver has to track idle time anyways (so long as 
it's set to come on automatically), so maybe you could ask it?

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