Systray jobs

Rob Scheepmaker r.scheepmaker at
Sat May 2 16:07:20 CEST 2009

On Friday 01 May 2009 20:39:43 Marco Martin wrote:
> On Friday 01 May 2009, Rob Scheepmaker wrote:
> > * Auto hiding after the dialog with jobs and notifications get's
> > automatically shown because one get's added. Currently this is hardcoded
> > to 6 seconds, but there are quite some requests for having no auto hiding
> > at all. I do  very much prefer autohiding, since you can continue working
> > without having to close the popup manually when you start a longer
> > running job. However, some people prefer no autohiding because they have
> > their systray on a second monitor for example, so it doesn't really block
> > their workflow. I therefore suggest adding a config option to the
> > systray, to configure the autohiding time.
> no another configuratio option makes no sense, i think autohiding is ok now
> that the icon is animated (intuitive enough? needs real testing i suppose)
> speaking of the animated icon, it seems that the text is hardcoded to
> white? (not really happy with the look of it, but i don't know how to do it
> better without tons of custom graphics...)

Well, the issue is not really that it's unclear anymore since we've got both 
the animated icon, and the animated disappearance of the dialog, but that some 
people always want to be able to look at the jobs in progress without having 
to interact with the tray (click the spinner). See for example:

The text isn't hardcoded to white btw, but I use Plasma::Theme::color to 
obtain the highlight color from the theme.

> > ** when copying multiple files, you will only be able to open the file
> > last copied. Possible solution here would be to check if there amount of
> > files copied is bigger then 1, and provide opening the destination folder
> > instead of the file in that case.
> what about always just provide the action to open the destination folder?
> seems more useful?

Hmm, for when you copy a bunch of files I agree, but when you for example just 
downloaded a single video file, it makes more sense to open that file in your 
default media player for example.

> > ** I don't like the labels in the completed job's widget. Something like
> > "Dolphin finished copying 5 files" as message would be prettier, but that
> > would also be something that has to be added to kjob/jobview. (I'm not
> > really sure infomessage is really meant for that)
> yeah, or maybe even omit "Dolphin" :p

Yeah, fair enough, the application logo is already there in the extender 
titlebar so it's not 100% necesarry. Still.... I'm wondering if this would be 
possible without having to add stuff to kio. I don't feel comfortable myself 
with adding new public api to kjob with so little time before the freeze, and 
infomessage is normally really only used for a single verb, so I don't know if 
people would like it if we start abusing it for a long but pretty description 
of the job. The main issue is that the infoMessage ('Copying', 'Moving', 
'Examining') has a capital first letter, plus i18n would probably be quite 
problematic, if we just got a random verb, the word finished and a amount of 
files, since the position of the words in the sentence might for some 
languages depend on the verb. (at least, that's what I assume) Anyway, help 
with this would be greatly appreciated :)


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