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I don't know much about GSoC (actually, quite nothing - I'm learning
everything I can from this year's program) and I don't understand very well
the student/idea selection. Could you guys give me a hand?

My doubts, right now, are:

1) Students have to apply strictly for ideas listed on idea's page? Or can
they come with some other idea and have the same chance to participate in
the program as who applies to the listed ones?

2) In the second case on the above question, if a student comes with an idea
that KDE (or plasma team - as I'm refering to you), let's suppose, wants
implemented in this year's GSoC it but it's quite close to an idea from
idea's page (it's not exactly the same thing but have a similar purpose -
like his idea making possible for the user to obtain the expected results of
the idea on the page). What would be the possibilities? KDE/plasma would
have to decide from one or the other idea? Would be able to get them both?
Or must keep strict to its idea's page (and then it's the first case of the
previous question)?

Thanks so much, in advance.

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