GSoC: Global Menu Bar

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at
Wed Mar 25 13:32:49 CET 2009

Hello people!

This is my first mail in plasma mailing list. I'm Eduardo Robles
Elvira, a student from the University of Seville (Spain). I haven't
yet done any work with plasma in kde but I've worked in other KDE
areas, mainly Konqueror (implementing session management and undo
closed items). I've tried for two years getting into KDE GSoC without
success but I'll try again (this will be probably my last chance as
student): third time's charm :D. This time I'll send more than one
application so that I get more chances of being accepted. I've seen so
many good ideas for Plasma in the wiki that I can't hep it: I want to
send a propossal for this fancy part of KDE.

I've also taken a look at this mailinglist and I've noticed two
things: that it's very active and that many students have already
showed interest in most of the propposals, being even more than one
student interested for some propossals. I've not seen any tal in this
list yet about implementing the Global Menu Bar in Plasma; has any
student already showed interest in it?  I am one of those
users/developers missing that feature (the global menu bar) back from
KDE 3 and I'd like to implement it for GSoC. Is there anyone in the
plasma-team willing to be a mentor for this propossal?

       Eduardo Robles Elvira.

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