Review Request: some settings available from the global toolbox

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Mar 15 15:11:13 CET 2009

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Review request for Plasma.


update: it's committed, even if i'm still not sure if ui-wise is the best thing (easy to change).
anyways we need a quick way to test this feature, because was severely bit-rotted (a screenownerchanged signal loop when one dares to change the containment for a view)
now this is mostly fixed, but the whole thing still has several glitches (i suppose still some bad sync between actual desktop number and saved containment desktop number somewhere)

Summary (updated)

this is more a rfc before i go further, it puts a checkbox in the global toolbox that enables/disables the pervirtualdestioviews setting, now plasma has to be restarted for the setting to take effect, making it work on the fly will be "fun", but i think it's worth the effort, instead burying it on some systemsettings kcm.
i would put here also the dashboard-follows-desktop setting


  /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/shells/desktop/plasmaapp.h 938681 
  /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/shells/desktop/plasmaapp.cpp 938681 





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