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Thu Mar 5 15:04:58 CET 2009

Hi Mario,

On Thursday 05 March 2009 13:39:37 Mario Fux wrote:
> So dear Plasma devs. What can I do to motivate you to fill in this date
> finding thingy:
> > [1]
> Current state is a preference for the days Wednesday, September 26 to
> Monday, September 31.
> Aaron seems to prefer September. I offer the weeks from middle August to
> the middle of September.
> Five persons (including me) already showed their preference: Davide Bettio,
> Alessandro Diaferia, Luca Gugelmann and MoRpHeUz. So could people as Aaron,
> Annma, Sebastian Kuegler, Celeste, Riccardo, Chani and especially the once
> I forgot please fill in the form?

As Marco and Pinheiro said, for some people it's hard to plan right now, 
which, in terms of "getting on with it" means "any of the dates has an equal 
chance to suck in the end, so they're all OK" ;-)
That's also what I filled in.

I think the biggest issue was that some people want it in the last week of 
holiday so they don't have to skip school for Plasma (again). That's not me 
though, and I guess those people (modulo Chani) have already filled in.

> And what about the people from Kwin. As I heard it would be good to have
> some of them onboard as well.

We want to invite Lubos, Martin and Lucas as well, they're on kwin at

> I don't wanna annoy or rush you but just like to fix a date to begin with
> the organisation of beds, hardware, food, etc.

Fully understandable.

> Thx and greets from cloudy Zurich

Same weather here, luckily leaving for a summery in Brazil later today :P
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