[PATCH] make window preview support mouse click in plasma tooltip

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Sun Jun 7 01:19:10 CEST 2009

> On Saturday 06 June 2009, 潘卫平 wrote:
> >   I found that when kwin enables taskbarthumbnail effect, the tooltip can
> > show the preview of windows, but we can't click these preview to activate
> > or iconify the corresponding window.
> >   I made two patches.
> > 1 kdelibs-palsma-tooltip-previewclick.patch
> >   It should apply to the directory  kdelibs/plasma/
> >
> > 2 kdebase-workspace-plasma-tasks-previewclick.patch
> >   It should apply to the directory 
> > kdebase/workspace/plasma/applets/tasks/

On Saturday 06 June 2009 18:33:03 Marco Martin wrote:
> i had tought about that feature several times, i wasn't a bit unsure since
> the concept of clickable tooltip is a bit weird, but if we hide it anyways
> after a certain timeout i suppose is ok.. (and those thumbnails really
> screams click at me, so probably making tham clickable would be the most
> intuitive way..)

What about tooltips == the task switchers for grouped windows? That sounds a 
lot more straightforward than the separation between tooltips and windowlist, 
they look similar (smallish plasma-styled popup above the taskbar, but behave 
different (tooltip hover behaviour vs. menu-like behaviour). So when 
compositing is available, grouped windows will slide out the previews, 
probably single windows in the same way. We'll need to find out how annoying 
they behave if they not just vanish when you move the mouse away like we do 
The workflow "focus a window that is grouped in the taskbar" right now is a 
bit broken IMO:
- hover over the taskbar icon
- a tooltip with the windows in this group shows up
- scan it for the right window
- click on taskbar group item
- the list-like menu with windows in this shows up
- find the right one again, now based on the title
- click on window icon

while it should probably be:
- hover over taskbar grouped item,
- tooltip shows up
- scan it for the right window
- click on window preview

In any case, I find it annoying that I cannot click on those tooltip, I'd 
welcome this change.

As to the code. The kdelibs part seems to affect all tooltips. I don't think 
we want every tooltip to be clickable though.
For indenting, we usually use 4 spaces, btw.

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