Dataengine Questions, Proposal?

David Baron d_baron at
Thu Jan 22 17:02:56 CET 2009

I would like to try the dataengine that interfaces to KDEPIM contacts. So how 
do I:

Register the applet with it/for it?

What datasource do I get? Obviously this is not a polled item and 
getDataSource should trigger the signal.

What is in the hash--do I get the datasource for one contact and have this 
contact's data items in the hash or do I get datasource "contacts" and have 
all of them to search or can I do it both ways?

Is there or will/can there be a dataengine sitting on X-events such as 
keystrokes and mouse-events. This would obviously trigger quite often if one 
is using these devices. Keyboard and mouse event classes are altready defined 
in qt and would also carry the window handle that "owns" the event.

For what would I use such an animal?

LIve spell-checkers a la Kisa, instant translation, instant search to 
recoll/beagle, google,, etc.In an opensource rather than 
proprietary maner.

There is a color-picker plasmoid and gimp and other apps take choose screen 
areas using the mouse. What I want to do is retrieve the word under/around the 
cursor with a key-shortcut and feed that to a search engine, translation 
engine etc. Plasmoid would bring up a windows with the results. A less 
convenient alternative UI is to drag text to the applet's icon which is 
trivial to implement.

(Kisa simply sits on keystrokes, wherever they are as assembles words as 

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