[PATCH] fix for krazy2 issues [includes]

Bruno Bigras bruno at burnbox.net
Tue Jan 13 22:58:31 CET 2009

This is for section #13 (Check for proper include directives [includes])

It reduces the 62 issues to 2, which I think may be falses positives
since I see "config-lancelot.h" and not "Config.h".

this patch apply in ~/kdesvn/kdeplasma-addons/applets

remaining issues:

krazy2 Analysis

Checkers Run = 1
Files Processed = 339
Total Issues = 2 ...as of January 13 2009 16:40:48 EST

==>For File Type c++<==
1. Check for proper include directives [includes]... 2 issues found
        ./lancelot/app/src/QtDisplay.h: put config.h in angle brackets
        ./lancelot/app/src/QtDisplay.cpp: put config.h in angle brackets
        Use <..> to include installed headers; <QtModule/QClass> to include
        Qt headers from installed headers; cpp file should include their
        own headers first (but below config.h); other rules apply, see
        cludes_right>. Use include guards in headers with appropriatedly
        encoded macro names.



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