Calling KDirLister from plasma widget causes no files to be found.

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at
Sat Aug 29 18:11:07 CEST 2009

On Saturday 29 August 2009, David Hubner wrote:
> Hi,
> Calling KIO::KDirLister from a plasma widget causes no files to be listed by
> KDirLister. 
> An example is the Trash Widget, m_dirlister->openUrl(KUrl("Trash:/")); is
> called but when the signal slotCompleted is thrown,
> m_dirlister->items(KDirLister::AllItems).count() shows 0 files.

KDirLister is able to list files in the folderview applet, although
folderview uses the itemsAdded(), itemsDeleted() etc. signals
indirectly via KDirModel instead of calling KDirLister::items().

There is a bug where KDirLister doesn't emit new items when
a file system is mounted on an empty directory being viewed
by a folderview applet though (#177156). This bug is only
reproducible in Plasma.


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