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Thu Aug 6 12:22:18 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 05 August 2009, Axel Masok wrote:
> Hi guys, no idea who maintains the Device Notifier in KDE4 but it has no
> options other than Keyboard shortcut. Not sure if it has changed at all for
> 4.3 but at least an option to stop it from starting Dolphin when you click
> a drive that has been detected would be good. Simply mounting the drive is
> enough. Perhaps the ability to start another command other than Dolphin?

(i'm going to assume you're thinking of contributing to this, otherwise ignore 
what follows and maybe file a feature request on instead :)

this is all controlled by Solid actions. there's even a UI to manage this, 
which can be seen with `kcmshell4 solid-actions`. 

what would be really nice is to:

* show that kcm UI in the device notifier settings; that would mean loading 
the module and adding it to the KConfigDialog from 
createConfigurationInterface(KConfigDialog *parent) in the device notifier. 
should be pretty easy.

* if there is more than one action available, don't popup a separate dialog 
but give the user the ability to select from the available actions right from 
the device notifier interface, perhaps through a popup menu (ala the task 
bar?) when clicked on

btw, there is/was a rewrite of the device notifier (still sitting in review, 
in fact) but it never actually go to the point of being as well behaved 
visually as the current one. not sure that's even needed now that the Device 
Notifier already in kdebase now "looks plasma" enough?

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