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hi Ilya ...

On Saturday 01 August 2009, Ilya M. Cassina wrote:
> As Tokamak3 will take place at some 3 hours by train from where I live
> (Neuchatel) I thought: "Hey! I could 'sneak' in, meet people, look how they
> work and maybe ask someone to explain me shortly the big picture behind
> plasma!"

while it would be great to have you as a guest (as it would be for anyone who 
is part of our community), there are some constraints on this event. 

there are the simple physical constraints of food and sleeping areas (for 
which we have a well defined and limited budget for). there's also the issue 
of time availability of both our host and the Plasma team. we're there to get 
work done in a face-to-face setting, something we only get to do a couple 
times a year. this means we're pretty busy and focused on the projects at 

so while it would be great to have you there, i think Mario really needs to 
have the final say in this (for all i know, he may welcome a helping hand; 
just as equally likely, more people could just be more responsibility and work 
for him). you'd also have to take care of any expenses that you incur.

personally, at least for this time around, and again only if it's ok with our 
host, i'd recommend coming out for maybe just a day or two (we might be able 
to put you up for the night as well, 6 hrs of train in one day is probably a 
bit much). if that's ok with Mario, you could come out, join us as an observer 
during the sessions and maybe get some pointers during the evenings / between 
work sessions.

regardless of what happens this time around, if you do end up getting involved 
with Plasma in the future, we hold Tokamak 1-2 times a year and so far they've 
all been in Europe (and i don't really see that changing unless even more of 
our contributors start living in the Americas ;) so you could join us for one 
of those quite easily in the future. :)

Aaron J. Seigo
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