Remember The Milk plasmoid/dataengine: kdereview

Andrew Stromme astromme at
Sun Apr 26 19:31:11 CEST 2009

Last night I moved the Remember The Milk plasmoid and its associated 
dataengine and library into kdereview. It now lives here:


It is an applet and desktop interface for and is 
specifically targeted for this service.

To install, build/install the library first and then the dataengine and the 

What I need from others:
 - Testing. 
	If you have a remember the milk account please test this applet. As it's been 
developed, I've had reports of tasks not showing up, login not working, 
updates not happening. I'm reasonably sure that things work (i.e. they work 
for me) but I'm not using all of the features of rememberthemilk.

- Feedback
	The applet does not support all of the features of rtm. Some I don't use, 
some are quite difficult to implement and some I've just forgotten about. If 
you want a feature to be added sometime in the future, I would love to hear 
about it.


* Display tasks from your lists, sorted by priority -> date.
* Filter tasks by name, tag:tagname, or due:duedate
* Add new tasks to any of your lists.
* Modify a task's Name, Due Date, Tags, Priority by clicking on a task.
* Complete tasks through the same method.

* Provides an abstraction to librtm, the plasmoid doesn't use any of librtm.
* Allows authentication via token or username/password
* Shows all of the information gathered by librtm for each task, list, 

* Uses KIO to connect to rememberthemilk.
* Provides an asynchronous interface to Tasks and Lists


Andrew Stromme

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