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Fri Apr 24 20:54:39 CEST 2009

SVN commit 958814 by sebas:

Move OCS dataengine to review for inclusion into KDE 4.3

The OCS dataengine uses a small library to interface with the Open Collaboration Services offered by this provides an interface for Plasma applets to use content from sites such as,, etc. The library and engine currently support retrieving information about people, lists of friends and messages. The idea is to extend it to offer full functionality to interact with someone's social web.

The engine basically works and will be extended in the future. It contains the ocsclient library which at this point is private. If other apps want to use it as well, we can have it undergo an API review and make it public.

Most of the library has been written by Cornelius Schumacher. Most of the dataengine has been written by me.

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